When Shanny and Eric Morgenstern founded Morningstar Communications in 1997, there was no social media, the internet was an infant and smart phones were still more than a decade away.

The communications industry has transformed, and Morningstar Communications has evolved into a consulting firm, after 20+ years as a full-service strategic communications agency.

Eric leads every client engagement and works directly with you to understand your business and your challenges. He guides you to real-world solutions leveraging what Eric has learned from hundreds of clients.

Eric’s natural ability to develop and deliver your story increases your effectiveness. Your story resonates with your key audiences, ultimately driving meaningful engagement to help you achieve business outcomes and impact.

Many important communications effectively inform. But often the goal is to persuade each recipient to think, feel and do what we desire.  Eric helps you find your authentic voice and guides you to effectively craft communications to change thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors. With the recipients always as your focus, we build your story arc backwards (beginning with the end-in-mind, thanks, Stephen Covey!) This approach ensures that your presentations, communication programs and marketing initiatives are effective.

Eric and his team help you develop and communicate your authentic voice to drive your success.