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Clarify your message.

Eric helps you crystallize and share your story. True leaders have a passion for activating their authentic vision to align their teams to achieve their goals. We help you establish your long-term and sustainable position of excellence, not difference. Your story comes to life via the Pathway to Great Messaging. Most importantly, your message will resonate with the people who matter most to you.

Connect with THOSE who matter most.

Communications must be received in order to have impact.  Otherwise, you’re just talking, and they’re not listening. Ensure your story is both received and understood. Connect with the people who matter most to you, whether you're giving a leadership presentation, new business pitch or creating content. Activate, amplify and orchestrate your story across all channels to increase ROI. 

Change attitudes and behaviors.

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. People actually "vote" with their feet and their wallets, not their mouths. You must move people to change to achieve many business goals. Most people are change resistant, even if they understand the change will be for the better. Leverage our proprietary GAPP (Generally Accepted PRESENTATION Principles) system to build trust and get people to "think, feel and do" your end-in-mind.

From our blog

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Mike Copeland
Mayor of Olathe

“We understand the importance of delivering a strong message, so Olatheans can truly feel informed about what is going on in their city, and be equipped to tell us what they need. I knew Eric would push us out of our comfort zone, and help us convey our story better than ever before.”