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Strategic Communications Consulting

Access Eric’s executive-level, strategic marketing and communications thinking as an extension of your internal teams.

Most organizations do much of their own accounting and legal work internally. But for specific challenges, they reach out to the partner at their law and accounting firms. Eric serves as that “partner-level” addition to your team for strategic communications.

He offers high-level strategy for today’s real-world challenges. His advice is spiced with anecdotes and relevant stories that help you develop and deliver your approach. Eric transcends traditional organizational boundaries and barriers to create powerful omni-channel messaging that resonates with each key audience.

Eric helps you:

  • Develop strategic, integrated, multi-channel marketing and communication plans

  • Facilitate strategic planning sessions

  • Craft key messaging and brand message

  • Create internal marketing programs

  • Optimize rebranding and anniversary initiatives

  • Connect you to community and civic leaders

  • Provide change and crisis consulting

Our overarching goal is to help you win more business and build brand trust among all of your most important audiences.