Focusing on what I love to do

" The only constant is change."  – Heraclitus.

"The only constant is change." – Heraclitus.

Welcome to the "new" Morningstar Communications!

Morningstar Communications is evolving from a full-service strategic communications and marketing firm to a consulting firm.

I will lead all client engagements, with support from our team.

It's a privilege to help successful people grow and strengthen their business. Our three main services help leaders, executives, and sales teams by providing:

Also, I facilitate strategy sessions, deliver keynotes and breakouts, moderate and participate in panel discussions, and emcee events.

Embrace and advocate for change

Evolution is the only path to sustainable success for all organisms, businesses and organizations. We all get it.

Shanny and I founded Morningstar Communications in 1997. There was no social media, the internet was an infant, and smart phones were still more than a decade away.

My oh my – how the communications industry has evolved!

We've already transformed Morningstar Communications several times. We've created new products and services. But for nearly 18 years, we've had the constancy of having Sheri Johnson help lead our team.

We are super excited for her as she begins today as VP of Marketing at McCown Gordon! This is a wonderful win-win: Sheri will focus her energy on helping one terrific and growing company, and I will focus my energy on helping all of our clients.

Please take a few minutes to check out our refreshed site and blog. And simply sign up to stay connected with us.

Clarify your message, connect with the people who matter most to you, and change attitudes and behaviors.

Time marches on. Keep evolving. Onward.

PS - Here's a link to the Kansas City Business Journal story on May 25.