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Key Messaging, Gaga Style

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Lady Gaga. Look her up online and you’ll find many words to describe her: singer-songwriter, fashion icon, trailblazer. I’ll add seasoned spokeswoman.

Well documented as a gay and lesbian rights advocate, she also serves as a spokeswoman for MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM campaign. The campaign, which addresses HIV/AIDS protection, treatment and prevention, features lipsticks for a cause. One hundred percent of the proceeds from purchases of MAC VIVA GLAM products go toward the MAC AIDS Fund.

Last month, Gaga appeared on Good Morning America to talk about the campaign. Her appearance came on the heels of the Grammy awards and Robin Roberts tried several times to steer her off the topic of HIV/AIDS protection. But like all good spokespeople, Lady Gaga bridged back to her key messages time and time again.

Watch her interview for a master class in using key messages. She seamlessly bridges back to her main topic of AIDS prevention, weaving in MAC to ensure that her key messages are heard. After watching the video, you may not remember every word she said, but you’ll have a good understanding of what she’s advocating for and who she’s advocating with.

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