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Importance of Team Building Activities

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Team building is essential because it satisfies the most important asset of your business – your employees. No matter how big or small, your business will be more productive when your team is happy. Such activities help everyone reap the benefits – from the workforce to management, to our clients. Team building helps keep employees motivated and enthused about all aspects of their job.

At Morningstar Communications, we spend one day every summer away from our desks and computers (and sometimes from the office) to focus on our team and to strengthen our camaraderie as a group.  We try to strike the right amount of balance between learning and having fun so we are rejuvenated when we return to our routines the next day.

Here are some reasons why team building activities are vital for any organization:

Establishes Rapport: Team building activities enable employees to build more productive relationships with each other that aid employees to work together in an amicable environment.

Builds Trust: Team building activities help develop trust among employees. Trust is a key component to business, especially when teamwork is important to achieve specific client objectives within a given timeline.

Betters Communication: Employees learn how to better communicate with each other through team building activities. This in turn can help employees function better as an overall team by allowing them to deal with issues as they arise in calm and professional manners.

Enhances Productivity: Team building activities help employees understand that they are much more productive working as a team when trying to achieve the same goals and objectives. A team accomplishes more work than when one person does it alone.

Cuts Costs: Employees that participate in team building activities are more energetic, enthusiastic and less likely to be frequently absent from work. This in turn reduces costs for the company across the board.

Induces Quality Ideas: A cohesive team that comes together can achieve objectives when they brainstorm scenarios aimed toward achieving goals. The brainstorm sessions could be client project-oriented or it could be to generate ideas that ultimately benefit the organization to function more efficiently and save money.

Team building is worth investing in because profitable opportunities will arise when employees are productive and happy.

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Smart teams are more than the sum of their parts

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I just read a Harvard Business Review story on what makes a team smarter. No surprise, but it turns out the smartest teams don’t necessarily include only those with the highest IQ. In fact, the researchers found the collective intelligence of the team was increased if it had more women on it. When they drilled down into it, the real news is that teams with people who have high social sensitivity (and women typically score higher in this area than men) tend to perform better than those lacking it.

I guess I found this especially interesting after reading in BusinessWeek recently about how few women serve on corporate boards or even in the executive suite. Based on the research by Anita Wooley and Thomas Malone, as well as other emerging workforce trends, companies would be well served to diversify their leadership teams. What do you think?

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