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Refresh your E-mail Marketing

Posted in Best Practices, Online Marketing, Tips and Tricks 2013 will inevitably bring new, exciting marketing trends. While it is important to stay educated about innovative marketing tactics, tried and true e-mail marketing is still an important tool for many of my clients as they connect with their target audience this year. Here are a few tactics you can try to refresh and evolve your e-mail marketing.
Via Marketing Sherpa

Marketing Sherpa

Engage with your audience when they engage with you.  Silverpop’s Bryan Brown shares the e-mail tactic of sending a “hello” e-communication when customers subscribe to your e-newsletter, sign up to download your whitepaper, etc. While most marketers let this moment fleet by, it is important to engage with your audience at the moment they choose to engage with you. Test different subject lines. Subject lines are a huge factor in whether or not your e-mail is opened or trashed. Ever wonder what types of subject lines are most appealing? You can experiment by segmenting your e-mail list and sending the same e-mail out to three different segments with three different e-mail subject lines. Compare open rates to decide which subject line was most intriguing to your audience. Set benchmarks for open rates, click-through rates and unsubscribe rates. First, do a little research to determine industry standards, and set your goals. E-mail programs such as Constant Contact and Mail Chimp track rates for each e-communication. Check metrics 24 hours after sending, and then again one week later to see how your rates compared with your goals. Choose the right time to press send. Think about when your audience is most likely to read your e-mails. Research has shown that the best time for e-mail open and click rates are early morning and early afternoon. Check out this infographic from Marketing Sherpa for more tips on the best times to send e-mails. Think strategically about your links. Instead of creating a hyperlink over a single word (for example, “donate”) expand the link to create an actionable statement (“donate today to bring fresh water to third world communities.”) A more descriptive statement generates more clicks. What additional e-mail marketing tactics work for your business? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Tagged , , , ,
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