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Overcoming the Fear of Change

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I started 2011 with two big changes – a new job and a new city. Personally, change is refreshing and motivating. There are people who love change and there are others who withdraw from change no matter how necessary the change may be. Welcoming new changes is not only healthy for our personal lives, but immensely beneficial for businesses. Embracing change involves overcoming fear, but facing that fear is necessary for being responsive to your ever-changing environment and becoming a leader in creating the conversation.

Social media is a great example of change over the past few years. Social media has not only changed communication in our personal lives, but it has increasingly affected how business is conducted as well. For those who have embraced it, social media has opened many new doors through building relationships. Companies that don’t take the next step and overcome the fear of change are at risk to fall behind in their industry.

By embracing change, businesses can create cultures that enhance creativity and innovation with employees and customers. In a recent article by Soren Gordhamer, he outlines what leaders in the communications field had to say about this new age of innovation and engagement.

1. CULTURE – Create a culture of happiness that will naturally overflow into all of the company’s communication. Old Paradigm: “Force people to do what you want.” New Paradigm: “Give people what you want them to offer.”

2. MINDSET – If people are not in the right mindset, nothing innovative occurs. Old Paradigm: “Just put your body in the room.” New Paradigm: “Show up with a creative, open mindset.”

3. GROUP WISDOM – Never assume you know the answer. Old Paradigm: “All wisdom exists at the top.” New Paradigm: “Listen and make space for various voices.”

4. ENVIRONMENT – Find the optimal space for a particular objective.  Old Paradigm: “Do what is normal.” New Paradigm: “Approach space creatively to serve the purpose.”

5. VISION - People need a sense of purpose to drive their innovation. Old Paradigm: “Work to get a paycheck.” New Paradigm: “Make your work about something bigger.”

The old business model was individualistic and focused on thriving to be personally brilliant; the new one is much more social, and it involves creating cultures that enhance innovation in all those present. The companies and teams that can do this ‒ that can create cultures that support innovation and engagement ‒ will create the leading technologies and services that affect our society just as the modern world of social media has done.

While we cannot force innovation and creative thinking in everyone, we can personally recognize the importance of changing, adapting and growing– both individually and with our business. Personally, I know how intimidating change can be, but by embracing it, I’ve come to recognize the wonderful possibilities Morningstar Communications and Kansas City have to offer.

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