The lifecycle of a piece of content


Jun 15, 2017 • Laura Boyd • Blog

Content Creation

Content is more than a one-and-done tactic and it rarely has an expiration date.  When executed correctly, content has an extensive lifecycle that should span multiple channels to reach the people who matter most to your organization.

Let’s walk through an example. Imagine you have a speaking engagement on the horizon. You put several hours of work into determining the topic, laying out the content, creating the presentation deck and practicing your delivery. You knock your presentation out of the park, thanks to your hard work and presentation coaching. Now it’s time to leverage all your work and gain a stronger ROI without “reinventing the wheel.” Here are a couple of ways to do so:

Create a byline based on your presentation content. Pitch it to a relevant publication and if it’s placed, purchase reprints to use as a sales tool and to share with current and prospective customers via email.

Turn it into a blog post, or several, and share the link to the post(s) across all your social media platforms. You can even take it a step further by turning the top three to five questions asked during the presentation into a post.

Implement a social media campaign around the presentation content. Link to outside articles/statistics when appropriate, and always include a link back to your blog post or byline article.

Incorporate elements of the presentation into a drip campaign. Pull key learnings from the presentation content and insert them into your marketing automation campaign. Again, be sure to link to any other pieces of content, such as blog posts, bylines, etc. that you’ve already created.

By allowing your content to go through an extensive lifecycle, like outlined above, you ensure greater reach, results and ROI for your organization. 


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