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What defines creativity?

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During the last month or so, the subject of creativity loomed large on the radar screen of clients, colleagues and other businesspeople in my network. Conversations revolved around how to be more creative, infusing creativity into the development process, and pushing the creative envelope on campaigns. It got me thinking about what truly is creative. What does the label mean?

It turns out, creativity is in the eye of the beholder. Just check with these creative types, featured in a recent issue of Fast Company. You’ll see how subjective the idea of creativity really is, and how often creative ideas get shoved aside for the tried and true.

To be honest, I’ve never considered myself a “Big Idea” person. When it comes to thinking outside the box, I really have to push through my personal self-doubt. Which is why I especially enjoyed this blogpost about NOT thinking outside the box. Like Pallotta, I find the best fresh ideas aren’t necessarily pushing the envelope, but rather providing a new perspective while tying to the overall strategic goals we are focused on accomplishing.

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