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I am going with the assumption that anyone reading this has a LinkedIn account. If you are like me, when you first created your account it was because a friend or colleague said, “You should really have a LinkedIn account,” but they never really explained why you should have it or how you should use it. Now your account sits dormant, collecting cyber dust.

At Morningstar Communications we often recommend that clients use LinkedIn to help grow their brand and participate in pertinent conversations. Individuals can use it for the same thing. I recently did some research to determine how I could use my account more effectively and found that there are simple ways to get greater benefits from the service.

You can find some very helpful information and tips from Shari Weiss and Mario Sundar among others. The key is to recognize yourself professionally as a brand and use tools such as LinkedIn and other social media to grow that brand. If you were a florist with a new water can, would you just let it sit empty on the shelf? No.

And don’t think that you have to sit down and finish your profile in a day. More likely, it will be an ongoing process as your brand evolves. While you’re there, connect with me. You can use as the email address.

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