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Making the most of trade shows through media relations

Posted in Media Relations

Trade shows. For many companies trade shows play a significant role in their marketing and business development efforts. But booth space, sponsorships and manpower can make trade shows expensive. After the budgetary and personnel resources are taken care of, businesses should look for all possible ways to leverage their trade show presence before, during and after the show.

Media relations is one strategy for leveraging your company’s trade show presence. Your experts are there, and so are trade media reporters and editors. You have information and expertise to share. The media is looking for compelling and timely content. This all adds up to the perfect opportunity for a win-win media relations scenario.

To make the most of trade shows and garner media coverage for your product or company, consider the following.

  • Determine one or two announcements or trends you can speak to and contact trade reporters before the show to
    schedule interview times.
  • When appointing spokespeople, remember that trade shows are a great place for reporters to put a name to a face and build a relationship with your spokesperson. Try to select someone who will represent your organization outside of the trade show, as well.
  • Media train your spokespeople to ensure they’ll have the best interview possible.
  • Consider having a member of your PR team at the trade show to coordinate interviews on site. It is not unusual for an interview to be rescheduled, pushed back or even run long. Having a person on hand to ensure the interview process runs smoothly allows your spokesperson to concentrate on what’s being said, instead of the logistics.
  • Follow up with your media contacts after the event to say thank you and determine if any other information is needed for their story.

Trade media relations can be a very successful strategy for building relationships and sharing your message. Next time you’re preparing for a trade show, consider adding media relations to the mix.

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