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Gossip Much?

Posted in Executive Insights

Today’s office environment breeds gossip. The economy. Job security. How to afford the holiday season. These issues are on almost everyone’s mind. They are good issues for discussion.

When the discussion turns to gossip, it can be a morale breaker. Don’t get me wrong, hearing coworkers’ take on Glee last night or the dance moves on Dancing with the Stars is great fun. It brings us together. However, when your evening viewing choices turn into how can this coworker afford that new outfit, the problems begin.

When I read “Workplace Gossip? Keep It to Yourself,” I saw how far the pendulum can swing on gossip. It brings an interesting perspective on how to keep the workplace gossip free. Since there are two sides to most stories, I looked for a different take on office gossip. “Gossip In The Workplace: A Weapon Or Gift” gives us another angle on this issue.

When in doubt, go back to my mother’s favorite saying while we were growing up, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

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