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Blogger Relations

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In my last post, I blogged about Lee Oden’s tips on incorporating SEO into PR tactics. In the third blog post in his Digital PR and SEO Series, Lee digs a little deeper into blogger relations. Here are some key take-aways:

•    Optimize media relations training – Make sure the key messages spokespeople use are filled with SEO keywords. Online readers often remember the topic of an interview, but they won’t always remember the companies or spokespeople involved. Readers will search for the topic of the article using those keywords the spokesperson said during the interview. And, they’ll find the online story (which hopefully links back to your website).
•    Transparency and Personalization – When reaching out to bloggers, it’s extremely important to qualify them to ensure you are giving them a topic they will be interested in. It’s also essential to customize the pitch for every blogger. Mass email pitches simply don’t work with bloggers. And, be sure to be transparent in who you are working for.

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Some Gen Y Communication Methods Enhance Productivity

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I came across this article from Computer World when I was reading Millennial Leaders Blog by Bea Fields.

While the article presents a balanced viewpoint on why employers should evaluate adding IT functions (instant messaging, social networking) to their infrastructure, the comments at the end were almost prehistoric. The authors advance the generalization that Gen Y is only here to make “demands” for “bleeding edge” technologies and not to contribute to a company’s productivity.

Instant messaging isn’t exactly bleeding edge any more. But the point they are missing is critical. Perhaps if more employers incorporated preferred Gen Y methods of communication, productivity would increase because more connections, discussion and innovation would occur. This is the case in our office where iChat facilitates conversations about work, no matter our physical location.

The caveat for Gen Y to take to heart is recognize not everyone likes to be communicated with in the same way. There are many communication methods available to us; we must decide which is best for each situation we encounter. Don’t forget about face-to-face meetings or phone conversations if they will be more effective.

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